Band One - Domestic Properties

Domestic Properties - Moles 

£70 for 3 visits; £30 per extra visit.

I don't charge a call-out fee or time on site fee, but if the mole is there, I will catch him.

My charges are £70 for three visits to your garden to catch your problem mole. Visit one is to place traps in the ground. Visit two is to remove any moles from the traps and re-set them; and visit three is to empty the traps of moles and remove the traps from the property. Any subsequent visits to catch your mole or additional moles I may charge at £30 per extra visit, subject to my discretion.

Larger Properties - Moles 

£210 for 3 visits; £40 per extra visit.

On larger properties, such as school or public playing fields, hotels or large gardens, I charge £210 for three visits to clear the problem area. Any subsequent visits I may charge at £40 per visit; subject to my discretion. I also will charge £5.60 per mole trap that is removed and/or destroyed by animal rights or mole lovers.

Agricultural Properties - Moles 

£310 for 3 visits; and £50 per extra visit.

With regards to farmland or larger properties; I will charge £310 in the area to be cleared of moles over 3 visits. Any extra visits are charged at £50 per visit subject to my discretion. Any traps removed and/or stolen by animal rights activists will be charged at £5.60 each.

Wasp / Hornet Treatment

I offer a wasp/hornet treatment service to eradicate problem wasp/hornet nests within my catchment area. I charge £35 to attend any wasp/hornet nest that is a problem to my clients, indoors or outdoors. I use the latest equipment, techniques and poisons to kill problem wasps/hornets. I have been qualified through Killgerm to handle poisons.   

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