I am Glen the molecatcher; I catch problem moles and treat wasp/hornet nests.

Please see my "Fees" page to see how much I charge.

Unlike other molecatchers or pest control companies, I am upfront and open with my fees to remove problem moles or wasps/hornets from your property. I don't charge a call-out fee or time on site fee. I just remove your problem mole or wasps/hornets.
All I ask is access to the problem area if you are not at home in order that I can clear your problem quickly.

I am not a pest control company; I specialise in traditional molecatching and wasp/hornet treatment with a friendly, local service. Based in the historic town of Tutbury on the River Dove, I provide a traditional molecatching and wasp/hornet treatment service to domestic clients, farmers and businesses in a diamond shape from Ashbourne in the north to Swadlincote in the east; and from Aldridge in the south; to Great Haywood and Uttoxeter in the west.

But if you need my help outside this area, as many people do, please call me and I will always do my best to help you. Most importantly of all, I will provide you with a friendly, informative and personal service to catch your problem mole or treat your wasps/hornets.

I am a member of the two organisations who support traditional molecatchers in Britain... The British Traditional Molecatchers Register (BTMR) and I am also registered with the Guild Of British Molecatchers. Please check their websites to see the standards to which I work.

I am also registered with Killgerm who provide training and certification for use of poisons for pest control. This means I am fully qualified to treat wasp/hornet nests with the latest effective powders and techniques.

Please contact me by e-mail via my CONTACT ME page.

Again, thank you for visiting Staffordshire Mole Control.

Best wishes,